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Yoga dates back 5,000 years to India. About 2,000 years ago, a sage pulled together the basic principles of yoga in the “Yoga Sutra,” which is still used as a guide for modern yoga practice. The name “yoga” originated from a Sanskrit word meaning yoke, but the interpretation is often expanded to “union” to represent how yoga incorporates different aspects. Yoga goes beyond the physical aspects of the exercise to guide your growth spiritually and mentally.


Yoga consists of low-impact poses called asanas, which occur in a particular order or flow. Most poses are held for a certain amount of time before transitioning into the next one. The goal of the poses is to open up the body to allow for free-flowing energy, according to Yoga Journal. The average yoga class mixes in different poses, including those on the floor and standing asanas. An advanced yoga practice might include inversions, such as headstands or handstands. Each pose engages the sense of balance, strength and flexibility. Breathing and being in the moment with each pose also are emphasized.


Yoga exercise improves the physical condition of the body. The moves strengthen the muscles for a more toned look, and overall balance improves because of the balance required to do most of the asanas. Your body will likely become more flexible the longer you practice yoga. The physical aspect of the practice helps control or lose weight, and regular practice also helps reduce stress levels for an overall feeling of wellness and calm.


Best time to do yoga

Best time to do yoga

The early morning is the best time to do yoga. The reason is

1. At this time, it is called as Brahmamuhurta, the spiritual energy level is high.

2. No internal and external disturbances

3. Naturally the stomach is empty, with loaded stomach, it is very difficult in practicing yoga

4. The freshness that you get while doing morning yoga can be experienced throughout the day. You always feel briskness during the day.

5. The level of stress decreases and can be felt during the day

6. You feel relaxations all the time

7. Morning time is always quiet and pure & fresh air circulates at this time.

However, you can schedule your time if you are not able to wake up at the early morning and regulate it to do your yoga practice at your scheduled time

Yoga Workput Tips For Making Up Your Mind For Starting Yoga Poses

The yoga asanas must always be approached in a peaceful state of mind.

Fill your mind with thoughts of peace and serenity, turn your thoughts inward and away from materialistic world.

Make sure you are not tired to the extent that you are unable to concentrate on asanas.

Easy Yoga Positions Sequence For Beginning Yoga


There are so many yoga poses, yoga breathing exercises and styles of yoga that a beginner will not know how to start yoga practice.

A generalised sequence of one hour is sufficient. However, people who have spare time can spend up to one and a half hour on yoga daily. For beginners, it is recommended to start with both yoga asanas as well as paranayama. Best time for doing yoga is early in the morning. Theoretically, yogis do not take a weekly off from yoga practice, but you can do yoga at least 5 or 6 day a week for better results.

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