Physical Activity Questions

1. Tick the  statement about lifestyle that is true for you:

A. Do work such as pushing a lawnmover or gardening for at least an hour a week.

B. I do moderately vigorous house work such as scrubbing the floor or cleaning windows for total of at least an hour a week.

C. I make a habit of using the stairs instead of the lift.

D. In my job I often walk/move around.

2. Tick the statement about exercise that is true for you:

A. I walk, play badminton or ride a bicycle for at least 40 minutes a week.

B. I walk once in a while.

C. The only exercise I get is looking for the remote control.

3.  The best exercise for losing weight is:

A. Running

B. Walking

C. Swimming

D. Cycling

D. Yoga

4. Which is the following do you think will burn more kilojoules?

A. Walking around the neighbourhood for 10 minutes after breakfast and 10 minutes after dinner.

B. Strolling an extra 2 minutes to and from your car on five trips to the supermarket.

C. Getting off the bus 10 minutes before you stop on the way to and from work.

5. Tick any of the following statements that reflect your feelings or  beliefs:

A. Exercise will just make me hungry, and I’ll eat more.

B. I don’t  like to sweat.

C. I have no energy for exercise.

D. I’m just not an exercise person.

6.  When I’m feeling tired, I :

A. Flop down in front of the TV.

B. Reach for a chocolate bar.

C. Take a brisk 10 minute walk.

7.  My favorite physical activities are:

A. Playing badminton , cycling or throwing a ball.

B. Walking

C. Doing the housework

C. Shopping

D. Others __________________





What your score means

  1. If you ticked any of these answers, great! You’re already working physical activity into every week. But don’t rest on your laurels : several of these would need to have an effect on your weight.
  2. If you ticked the first answer, then congratulations. You’re well on your way to getting in shape, which will increase your life expectancy. If you ticked the second answer , it must mean you like walking and you’ll do fine. If you ticked the third answer, pay special attention on your physical activities.
  3. These all help you to lose weight, but only if you persevere with them.
  4. All of these burn the same amount of kilojoules, which shows how easy it is to work more activity into your life, regardless of your schedule.
  5. If you don’t tick any boxes, great! If you did, don’t let excuses like these stop you from exercising.  Studies shows that moderate exercise does not stimulate your appetite. Moving your body will boost your energy, not drain it.
  6. Flopping down on the sofa won’t do much to help, but the walk will. A brisk 10-minute walk can give you more energy than eating a chocolate bar- a 1997 study proved it. Exercise boosts hormone that increases energy.
  7. The cardinal rule for making your life more active is to do what you like. Find the physical activity that you enjoy, then do it more often.



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